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Dancer Sculpture - White


Sculpture by Valentinos Charalambous 
40h x 20w cm | ceramic sculpture | White | 2018

His collection embodies elements from the rhythms of Arabic calligraphy. Valentinos glazes his work using celadonite, a curious mineral that occurs in the local Troodos mountains with a colouring oxide that looks like copper but which is in fact iron.

* Color and shade may slightly vary from photograph.
* This item is shipped in a wooden crate via door-to-door courier service.


“Each work has its own personality. It should never be judged by the artist’s signature. The identity of the ceramist owes to be revealed through the work itself. During the process of combining various elements for an object to grow into a work of art, the ceramist is just the middle man. He finds himself amongst the clay, the glaze and the furnace, his role being equal to the rest of the elements”.

With this thought, Valentinos signs his work like so:
“...of clay and glaze, of fire, affection and love”.


Valentinos Charalambous is one of the most distinguished Cypriot ceramists of international acclaim. A teacher and a visual artist adhering to a special art code, he was born in Varosi in 1929, to a family of traditional potters. He went on to study in London before being invited to organize the Ceramics Department at Baghdad’s Academy of Fine Arts, where he would work for over 30 years. He now lives and creates in Cyprus. 

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